Formal Job Description form : Lead UX Designer

A fast-paced work environment. Hard problems to solve. Some of the smartest people you will ever meet. Artificial Intelligence. Stock Markets.

Do these words excite you? Are you self-driven and ambitious with an enviable track record? Do you consider yourself hard-working with a constant urge to learn and change things? Then, I think, we can talk.

What are we up to?

All these years, finance has been a story of big banks and institutions printing money on the ignorance and mistakes of individual investors. We want to change that. We are setting up an AI-driven automated investing platform for individuals, which will invest based on data science and algorithms. We want to create a level-playing field. We want to make investing fair. Learn more at

What do we want a UX designer for?

Investing is not simple. And it is not a short attention span exercise as booking a cab or ordering food online. Our users typically invest $10,000+ of their hard-earned cash. In this process, they interact extensively with our web and mobile apps to learn and gather info which helps their decision making. After investing, they look at the performance of their investments.

Our website is large and has many complex flows, which makes these processes tedious for an end-user. We are looking for someone who can design these interactions and flows for an end-user.

Long story short, we want you to make the investing experience of a user on our website awesome. Bloody awesome.

Oh, and you will head our UX/ design team


5+ years of work experience in UX, with significant time in interaction design and research

A strong understanding of common usability methods and principles

Ability to rapidly wireframe, prototype, iterate, and create hi-fidelity mocks with user stories, user journeys and all that jazz

The usual suspects of tools – you know the names

Ability to learn fast and understand relatively complex concepts

Ability to work in a team and communicate well

Ability to prioritize, and deliver on deadlines

We love an unusually high dose of common sense


Understanding of Analytics, and familiarity with Google Analytics, Heap, etc.

If you have a gambling problem, you are one of us already.

 Please include links to your portfolio or attach it along with your resume. In order to apply for this position, please send an email with resume to        jobs [ AT ] tworoads [ DOT ] co [DOT] in with subject : “Lead UX Designer”.