Formal Job Description form : Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developer

About qplum:

How would you like to work on a team that’s a driving force in the changing financial landscape? How would you feel knowing that the work you do everyday is effecting change in the world? At qplum, you can be an agent of change by using your advanced skill set to help us democratize investment opportunities for all retail investors. Assist us in creating transparency in the investment space, which has hitherto been cloaked in shadows and secret. We are driven by the belief that financial freedom is for everyone, and not just a select few.

Interested in applying your skills from the web to mobile apps?

You can join us to contribute to our mobile applications team. We use Facebook’s leading edge framework React Native to apply modern techniques of the web onto mobile. All this while being active in RN’s open source community.

What excites us:

  • Deep understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, cross-browser compatibility and scalability.
  •  Expertise in es6 and familiarity with es7+ features.
  • Willingness to work on web and mobile app development.
  • Familiarity with modern front-end frameworks like React or Angular for web and React-native for mobile app development.
  • Familiarity with performance analysis and browser dev tools for profiling.
  • Familiarity with CSS Flexbox layout
  • Strong skills in SCSS and CSS Architecture, eg BEM, OOCSS, SMACSS etc…
  • Use responsive web design to create applications that automatically conform to multiple screen sizes/devices.
  • Conduct usability testing to identify and fix UI issues, and gather real-world intelligence from target users.
  • Good software engineering skills, ability to write modular code.
  • Willing to take ownership for end-to-end features.
  • A knack for squeezing out every last byte of performance.
  • A love for the standards and willingness to explore them will be a plus. (Specifically, ES 2018+ spec, W3C’s HTML5.x spec, CSSWG’s CSS Level 4+ spec)
  • Knowledge/Experience of working with Ruby on Rails will be a plus.

Team culture and communication are things which can really set apart an average software engineer from an awesome one. You should have the following qualities:

  • You are an excellent communicator of ideas, both verbal and written. You love explaining software to the people who are not so awesome as you in software engineering.
  • You take initiatives and do not depend on hand holding for implementing things which can make a great impact on the product user experience.
  • You are able to work coherently with a diverse set of engineers.
  • You are not afraid of working in a high paced environment and making deep impact changes.
  • Ability and willingness to learn at a steep curve and take ownership of their work.
  • Self motivated, organized, an interdisciplinary aptitude.
  • A research like mindset to be able to try ideas without getting dejected if they fail.
  • Ability to come up with innovative ideas where specifications are not clear.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Competitive base salary!
  • Four weeks paid vacation during the year
  • Attractive perks like daily paid lunches, food allowance, transportation arrangement to/from work
  • Excellent work environment with a bright, young, dynamic team and a flat organization founded by experts in Finance.
  • International business visits
To apply for this position, please email jobs [ at ] tworoads [ dot ] co [ dot ] in ( i.e. jobs AT our-website-domain ) with your resume, cover letter and mentioning the profile of interest.