Formal Job Description form : ML Algo Trader

Two Roads Technological Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based firm primarily focused on the development of software for a variety of financial applications.
This is a full time position.
The candidate is expected to be proficient in the following :

  • Good at C++
  • Good at Python, Perl, Bash, AWK and other scripting tools
  • Excellent analytical abilities
  • Expert knowledge of machine learning and data analysis
  • Sound understanding of probability, statistics, calculus, signal processing
  • Ability to understand the application of ideas, tweaking it for the relevant domain
  • Extensive experience with working on a Linux platform

The profile we are looking for :

  • B.Tech / B.E / B.S in Computer Science or higher. [ EE students with significant machine learning experience could be great as well ]
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • A research like mindset to be able to try ideas without getting dejected if they fail
  • Self motivated, organized
  • An interdisciplinary aptitude

This job would offer the following benefits :

  • Competitive base salary with year-end bonus!
  • Four weeks paid vacation during the year
  • Attractive perks like daily paid lunches, food allowance, transportation arrangement to/from work

To apply for this position, please email jobs [ at ] tworoads [ dot ] co [ dot ] in ( i.e. jobs AT our-website-domain ) with your resume, cover letter and mentioning the profile of interest.