Quantitative Trader: Medium Term

Formal Job Description : Quantitative Trader

Background : The India business is looking to hire a derivatives trader to develop and oversee execution of purely quantitative trading strategies in the equity and currency markets.  The role will involve significant amounts of research accompanied by rigorous testing of models, while also keeping an eye on the firm’s current strategies and their performance. Candidates are expected to have a research like mindset and collaborative attitude to be able to try ideas without getting dejected if they fail.

Responsibilities :

  • Research and development of trading strategies  via analysis of market data
  • Developing various trading strategies including directional long / short, option relative value, spread trading etc.
  • Performance monitoring of existing trading strategies . This would include :
    • Checking on running mark-to-market and matching against proprietary firm models
    • Investigation of mismatches – including slippage and other execution issues – with a view to modify existing strategies in response to regime shifts in the market
    • Watch for exchange announcements , company specific triggers and other ad hoc factors to be incorporated in the trading plan
  • Building systems for automated quantitative risk management across strategies

Scope of trading  :

  • Universe : Futures & Options on Equity, Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities on Indian and global exchanges.
  • Trading horizons : Holding period ranging from intraday to 10-20 days

Expected Skill Set

  • Strong in mathematics and should be interested in applied mathematical fields like filtering, signal processing, pattern recognition
  • Excellent analytical skills  and very good attention to detail
  • Candidate should have reasonable familiarity of trading instruments and passion for trading in markets
  • Experience in Index development and other quant roles at Investment Banks /  Hedge Funds is a plus
  • Live trading experience while not mandatory is a definite plus
  • Familiarity with data crunching techniques (Python/ R / MATLAB) will be useful


Educational background

  • B.Tech / B.Tech + MBA from tier 1 / 2 institutes
  • CFA or FRM , or any finance exposure is a strong plus


This job would offer the following benefits :

  • Competitive base salary with year-end bonus!
  • Four weeks paid vacation during the year
  • Attractive perks like daily paid lunches, food allowance, transportation arrangement to/from work