Formal Job Description form : Data Scientist

We are a proprietary trading firm in Bangalore, India. Our team has more than 10 years of trading experience. We trade almost every listed product in the world across different frequencies.We strive to increase the fairness and efficiency of financial markets. We believe that in future, much of what is called trading today, will be a service performed systematically by machines. Notwithstanding game-theoretic aspects of a marketplace, the real essence of the utility is in anticipating and executing the relationships that are held to be true in the minds of participants.

The candidate is expected to be proficient in the following :

  • Thorough knowledge of Matrix Theory/Linear Algebra
  • Strong understanding of Statistics and Probability Theory
  • Strong background in Machine Learning
  • Comfortable with Python/R or any scripting languages and good knowledge of C++
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL/Databases
  • Familiarity with Linux and bash scripting is a plus

The profile we are looking for :

  • B.Tech / B.E / B.S in CS/IT/EE/Maths & Computing/Statistics.
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • A research like mindset to be able to try ideas without getting dejected if they fail
  • Self motivated, organized
  • An interdisciplinary aptitude
  • Strong interest to work with large sets of data

This job would offer the following benefits :

  • Competitive base salary with year-end bonus!
  • Four weeks paid vacation during the year
  • Attractive perks like daily paid lunches, food allowance,gym facility, transportation arrangement to/from work
  • International business trips
  • Medical Benefits

To apply for this position, please email jobs [ at ] tworoads [ dot ] co [ dot ] in ( i.e. jobs AT our-website-domain ) with your resume, cover letter and mentioning the profile of interest.