Formal Job Description Form : High Performance Computing Engineer

Formal Job Description: Infrastructure Developer

We are a proprietary trading firm in Bangalore, India. Our team has more than 10 years of trading experience. We trade almost every listed product in the world across different frequencies.We strive to increase the fairness and efficiency of financial markets. We believe that in future, much of what is called trading today, will be a service performed systematically by machines. Notwithstanding game-theoretic aspects of a marketplace, the real essence of the utility is in anticipating and executing the relationships that are held to be true in the minds of participants.

The candidate is expected to be proficient in the following:

  1. Excellent at C++.
  2. Good at Python, Perl, Bash, AWK and other scripting tools.
  3. Experience with network programming in C++.
  4. Experienced in efficient multi-threaded programming, preferably in C++.
  5. Extensive experience with working on a Linux platform.
  6. A good mathematical and statistical background is a plus.
  7. Good handle on OOPS concepts.

A major part of building a robust and scalable software system involves testing it. As such:

  1. You can review others’ code and think of ways to break it.
  2. You know your own code and the corner cases which it passes.
  3. You have used gdb or valgrind at some point of time, or you can debug the code with some other tool. (That includes putting the occasional printf ! )

Team culture and communication are things which can really set apart an average software engineer from an awesome one. You have the following qualities:

  1. You are an excellent communicator of ideas, both verbal and written. You love explaining software to the people who are not so awesome as you in software engineering.
  2. You are a computer science graduate from tier 1/2 institute.
  3. You take initiatives and do not depend on hand holding for implementing things which can make a great impact on the trading infrastructure.
  4. You are able to work coherently with a diverse set of engineers and traders.

This job would offer the following benefits:

  1. Competitive base salary with year-end bonus!
  2. Four weeks paid vacation during the year
  3. Attractive perks like daily paid lunches, food allowance,gym facility, transportation arrangement to/from work
  4. International business trips
  5. Medical benefits


To apply for this position, please email jobs [ at ] tworoads [ dot ] co [ dot ] in ( i.e. jobs AT our-website-domain ) with your resume, cover letter with answers to the following question : HPCE Question [ Sample Input Data ]