We are a software development firm, broadly involved in data-science in the domain of finance.

Competitions and Open Questions

Below Competitions and Open questions will tell you more about the sort of mountains we are trying to climb.
Algorithms Competition

This is on the outset based on choice of efficient data structures.

Online Learning Challenge

It is a mathematical optimization problem where you are given a set of signals, and you are supposed to use the data of the past days only to decide a weighting on the signals everyday.

Quant Challenge

We are trying to come up with the best constant weighted combination of the investable series provided to us.

Game Server Challenge

If you believe you have it in you to build scalable systems with millions of concurrent users, try this challenge.

Systems Design Test

If you have it in you to design and build large and scalable systems, you will enjoy this challenge.

Mobile App Development Test

If you think you can build applications that can delight and amaze millions of users around the world.

Data Science based trading competition

This covers many of the elements like prediction, order placement that are the major challenges of portfolio management.

Engineering Challenge

In this challenge, we take upon the task of coming up with a scalable infrastructure which can enable distribution of this data for building trading models to real time automated risk managers to showing the data to users through various interfaces.

About Us

We are a software development firm based out of Bangalore. We work broadly in data-science in the domain of financial data. Please feel free to browse further, look at our career tracks, or contact us if you are interested in knowing more about us.
We have a simple ambitious goal, to achieve maximum technological efficiency in financial markets.
  • Speed
  • Robustness
  • Accuracy
  • Passion


Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh is a founding member of the firm. He has extensive experience in developing automated trading strategies. He studied Computer Science at IITK and UW.
Ravi Parikh
High Performance Computing Engineer
Ravi is a High Performance Computing Engineer at Two Roads for last 3.5 years. He has over 5 years of experience in software development.He is an awesome team leader.Apart from that,he is a cricket lover and traveller.
Senior Software Developer
Vedant is a Software Developer at Two Roads Tech. He graduated from IIT Delhi in 2014 with major in Computer Science & Engineering.He is a part of infra team.
Aashay Harlalka
Senior Asian Trader
Aashay is a very passionate and diligent person. He takes every challenge head-on and excels. He graduated from IIT Bombay with B.Tech(Hons.) in Computer Science & Engg. along with Minors in Statistics.He is interested in Quantitative Research, Machine Learning and applying Mathematics to the real world problems.
Hrishav Agarwal
Lead Data Scientist
Hrishav holds a dual degree in CS from IITKGP.He has a keen interest in leveraging machine learning techniques in domains with low signal to noise ratio.
Adithya M.R.
Adithya is a postgraduate from IIM Bangalore(2009).He has been developing trading algorithms for Indian markets. He is passionate about quantitative finance, algo trading and applied mathematics in general.
Abhishek Anand
Software Developer
He graduated from IIT Bombay, Computer Science department. Mainly interested in Coding and graph algorithms. Other Interests are fifa and cricket.
Uttkarsh Sarraf
Data Scientist
Uttkarsh holds a dual degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IITKGP. He thinks out of the box and has great planning skills.He follows cricket and football.
Vinit Darda
Data Scientist
He graduated from IIT Delhi with B.tech in Electrical Engineering.He likes to play tennis, badminton and loves travelling.
Pranjal Jain
HPCE#Team Player
Pranjal graduated from NSIT with B.Tech in CS.He is a great thinker, team player and loves to code.
Rishabh Garg
He graduated from IIT Delhi in computer science and engineering.He is very hard working, extremely passionate about trading and crazy about Basketball.
Akik Dey
Software Developer
Akik graduated in computer science from BIT Mesra.He is extremely passionate about solving real world problems, and using technology to implement the solutions, with key interest in Machine Learning,Algorithms & Data. He likes playing cricket, chess and is fond of movies.
Divyanshu Bhartiya
Data Scientist
Divyanshu holds a dual degree in computer science and engineering from IIT Kanpur. He likes playing badminton,travelling, cooking and is fond of reading Japanese comics. He is interested in learning about new advances in the field of ML and NLP.
Abdul Hadi Shakir
Software Engineer
Aanchal Batra
HR Manager
Aanchal graduated from PTU.She is responsible for building the team.Passionate about dancing and likes travelling.
Nagaraj Aithal
Accounts Executive
Nagaraj has close to six years of experience in accounting and taxation.He likes singing and playing musical instruments in his free time.
Sanchit Gupta
#CanDo #Passionate #Pillar #CompScientist
Sanchit joined us as a Founding Engineer. He has taken the strategy development infrastructure to new heights, where it now competes against the best in the world. He is an ultimate Basketball player.
Kapil Garg
Software Developer
He graduated from IITK in 2013 and has 2 years of experience in working with web services and online systems. At TR, he has worn multiple hats, and quickly taken up a lot of new challenges as the need arose.
Nilesh Choubey
ML + Stratdev
#machinelearning #softwaredeveloper #planner #cando
Javesh Garg
#Business #Execution #Software
Javesh graduated from IITK in 2015, and is a keen learner and a lean executor, who likes to Keep It Short and Simple.
Prithvi Sharma
#Business #Doer #Builder #Passionate
He studied Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He is interested in working on full stack development of large systems and aims specifically to be an expert level JavaScript programmer. He also enjoys Adventure Sports among a few other sports.
Abhimanyu Jaju
#CompScientist #SystemsArchitect
He loves great design, clean code and scalable systems.
Mridul Jain
#Builder #Planner #Doer
Graduated in CS from IIT Bombay. In general he is very proactive,organized,reliable person and capable designing of modular and fast front ends. Apart from coding,he likes to travel around and explore new places.
Monojit Dey
Senior Software Engineer
Post Graduated in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Into Full Stack Development. Loves to learn about and build scalable systems. Wants to play table tennis everyday. Interested in travelling and trekking.
Mitul Shah
Senior Software Engineer
He believes in building tools that make our lives easier. If not, at-least makes sure it is not working the other way around to make it more complicated.
Data Scientist
Graduated from IIT Delhi in 2014 with an Integrated M.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing. Has a knack for solving big data problems. She likes to travel and watch movies in her free time.
Software Engineer
Graduated from IITM with a Dual Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Nandini likes to solve complex problems in a simple manner.
Kanishak Kataria
Software Developer
Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Front-end Developer
Sudeep has close to 4 years of experience in front end development.He is a magician when it comes to CSS and SCSS and a very talented customer experience oriented developer.
Ravi Teja Puppala
UI/UX Designer
An Engineer by Degree, a self taught Designer by Profession and a Photographer by hobby.
Samrat Shekhar
Mobile Application Developer


We are always looking for smart and motivated people to join us in our endeavor to achieve maximum technological efficiency in financial markets.

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